Gebruik van geweld: logische stappen (4 tot 6)

Basis Reflectie:

"Step 4. Isolation. In order to do bad things to humans, you need time and privacy."

"Step 5. Psychological control. How does the bad guy psych you out of fighting back?"

"Step 6. Physical destruction. If the bad guy decides to skip step five, he will take his target out."

Extra Reflecties:

"Wait can be simple. If you know your target profiles travel through a particular space, you can just be there."

"Follow is obvious. Get in the habit, especially in isolated places, of knowing what is around you."

"Lure. Offer the target something he or she wants."

"Trick. Just like lure."

"Intimidate. Threat shows a weapon and says, Come with me, don't make a scene."

"Snatch. Just physically dragging you off."

"Groom. This is a long term tactic to create a safe and pliable victim."